The Unfinished Spire

Escape From The Cavern
Last Time...

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Last Week

After finding the corpse of an ancient beast floating in an underground lake below the Grave of Giants, the party were set upon by a group of fish-mutant zombies and monstrous insectile aberrations that rose out of the water. Despite killing several of the beasts, the party were forced to flee as the largest of the aberrations destroyed the walkway on which the party had been fighting.

It looked as though the party’s new cleric, Jondell, would be lost to the waters of the lake after he was thrown from the walkway while suffering from the paralyzing poison of the aberration’s tentacle maw. However, while the rest of the party secured a bulkhead against the monsters’ attacks, Hymn set off to rescue his new companion.

Teleporting into the water and drawing strength from the magic of the world around him, Hymn swam to Jondell and carried him back to the surface where the cleric was able to recover from the poison and swim to a rope dropped down for the pair by Fodell.

Just as Jondell was safe and the party was able to regroup, a group of orcs wearing the red, three slash symbol that he been previously encountered on the Highplains burst into the room, but were cut off from the party by the large aberration.

Dorn, his psyche stretched to the point of breaking by these event, fled the strange complex in which the party found themselves back into the caves through which they had entered.

In the Great Cavern

Last Time:

The party is out on the walkway above what appears to be a vast underground lake. The walkway itself terminates at an alter containing an unlit magic orb — unlit until Xycho and Fodell are compelled to touch it, that is.

As light from the orb floods the space, a giant figure is revealed in the water; a mass of tentacles and teeth with three jet-black eyes and a long, fish-like body, the creature appears dead, propped up on a massive stone slab that extends out of the foul water of the lake.

Still, the adventurers hear a voice speaking to them, echoing through their skulls as though shouted from very far away: “Who disturbs my slumber?”

Quick Notes

Magnar Fiendsbane (giant, well armored paladin) and Orasmus the Walking Flame (a fiendish warlock)
approach the party and take them to an abandoned keep, the Tower of Elfath. Despite the overdeveloped nature of the Golden Valley, the area around the keep remains abandoned and the land remains scarred by battles fought long ago. Nothing grows.

They take the party to the keep and swing open the door.

“When you have found the symbols of our order, candidates, you may emerge.”

really dislikes fodell

dislikes fodell

splashed around his money

Duke Sodor gives sealed letter to give to Gowell on the Diamond Coast as well as instuctions on when and where to find him.

EXP received
Robert 150
Jake 175
Ryan 175
Bailey 175

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