The Unfinished Spire

Quick Notes

Magnar Fiendsbane (giant, well armored paladin) and Orasmus the Walking Flame (a fiendish warlock)
approach the party and take them to an abandoned keep, the Tower of Elfath. Despite the overdeveloped nature of the Golden Valley, the area around the keep remains abandoned and the land remains scarred by battles fought long ago. Nothing grows.

They take the party to the keep and swing open the door.

“When you have found the symbols of our order, candidates, you may emerge.”

really dislikes fodell

dislikes fodell

splashed around his money

Duke Sodor gives sealed letter to give to Gowell on the Diamond Coast as well as instuctions on when and where to find him.

EXP received
Robert 150
Jake 175
Ryan 175
Bailey 175



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