A shadowy contact on the Diamond Coast.


A foppishly dressed half-elf fond of ruffles, satin, and overlarge hats, Cowley is charming and always seems to be smiling, right until he has one of his thugs stick a knife in your back.


When the band first met Cowley they had been directed to deliver a letter to the Diamond Coast at the behest of Duke Odell Sodor. After reading the letter, Cowley sent the party into a back alley where they were ambushed by a group of thugs, including Cowley’s bodyguard Freduric.

Just when things were going poorly, however, Orasmus, Magnus, and Shadow appeared and carved an escape route for the characters.

Since then, however, the party has heard whispers that Cowley is part of a rising criminal syndicate that has taken control of large parts of the Diamond Coast away from the more shadowy elements of House Thrinian.


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