Duke Odell Sodor

An unimpressive man and the most powerful person in the kingdom.


Deceased. Killed in the still mysterious uprising that saw the ranks of House Sodor decimated outside of the Duchy of Sodor itself.

A small, overweight man with eyes that seemed to pierce the soul of whomever he stared at. The duke carried himself with the baring and confidence of a man who held the kingdom in the palm of his hand.


The Duke of Sodor was the hereditary ruler of the Dutchy of Sodor and the named leader of the Great Houses in Alathor, which made him the most powerful man in the kingdom until his death at the hands of mysterious assassins along with the majority of his family.

The Duke’s last act that the party are aware of was to hand a sealed envelope to his son, Fodell and sent him to deliver it to the Diamond Coast for delivery to a contact named Cowley.

Reputed to be a powerful wizard and a shrewd politician.

Duke Odell Sodor

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