Fodell Sodor

A haughty noble whose training as a warrior will serve him well.


Fodell is a big man with a tendency to look down his nose at those around him and tends to sneer rather than smile.

Constantly clad in armor colored for his house, holding a pair of quasi-famous artifacts of House Sodor, and looking like a member of the famous Sodor family, Fodell has taken to wearing a cloak to keep from being recognized by his family’s enemies. It doesn’t work amazingly.


The son of Duke Odell Sodor, Fodell was never much for the ruling side of nobility, instead preferring to spend his time learning from the guards and soldiers that constant surrounded him throughout his youth.

Craving combat and adventure, Fodell was quick to step forward when House Sodor was called on to contribute to the kingdom’s annual Cull.

Fodell Sodor

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