Balda the Smith

The last Primarch of the Culled, Balda was a common dwarven smith who rose through the ranks of the Heart of Alathor and reached its pinnacle just before she was assassinated on the Seat of Alathor by a group called the Circle of the Forgotten.

Also known as Balda the Just, Balda was known for her pursuit of justice, no matter the perpetrator.

Balda remains a popular figure among the small folk of the kingdom for rising through the ranks to the highest station in Alathor.

Among the discontented, however, Balda’s death is often held up as evidence of the corruption of the nobility as they blame a conspiracy for the actions of the circle and her death. There is a belief that Balda’s sense of justice led her to pursue some of the activities of the Great Houses and that she was killed for it.

Balda the Smith

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