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Hey, welcome to the land of Alathor, the homebrew setting of our campaign. I find that we are often confused about the goings on here and I hope that will help add a little bit of flavor to the proceedings.

Check out the Wiki home page here to jump right in.

The Wiki itself represents the common knowledge that your party should (more or less) have about the land that they inhabit. As you learn more about the world, the Wiki will grow.

You might want to check out some of these bigger, less specific topics that will inform life in Alathor to get a better idea of how they are perceived by the bulk of the populace (and probably your characters as well).

One thing to keep in mind with all this: try not to make too many assumptions based on previous editions of Dungeons and Dragons. That is not this, plus — even though we all do it — meta is generally annoying.

Some stuff will probably get retconned, but that is ok as we build a more cohesive world. If there is something that you have noticed that doesn’t make sense or something that you/your character might want to know more about, let me know and I’ll try to work on it here.

Main Page

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