The state of race relations in Alathor is, like many things, peaceful but propped up by the Hand of Alathor. While for most of the short-lived races, the intermingling between humans, dwarves, elves, and others is the status quo, for those with longer lifespans it was only a handful of generations ago that each race held their own land and was at war with all others.


The shortest lived and most populous race in Alathor, humans often put themselves above other races because the Unifier was a human.


The longest lived of the races in Alathor, elves are widespread throughout the kingdom, with large concentrations in Ellombande and the Free Lands, both of which were once large elven kingdoms before the unification of Alathor. Elves, thanks to their long lifespans, tend toward century long grudges and, although open rebellion has never occurred, it is an open secret that many elvish nobles pine for the days when they could rule their land independently.


Like the elves, the dwarves once ruled a pair of kingdoms, Aenburh and Nulbarem in the time before unification. Unlike the elves, dwarves by and large have not spread out across the continent, largely staying in the territories that their ancestors called home.

Gnomes and Halflings

Often referred to as “the wandering folk”, gnomes and halflings may once have had a homeland, but now are spread out throughout the land. Neither race is particularly common in Alathor, but both tend to be welcome wherever they appear.


Known as the most clannish and reclusive race of the kingdom, the dragonborn inhabit the lower reaches of the Wyrvenspine Mountains, rarely venturing out into the rest of the kingdom. Many rumors about the dragonborn circulate among the rest of the kingdom, with the most common being that they are the spawn of an unknown god.

Half-orcs and Tieflings

Orcs and demons are among the only threats that have threatened Alathor since the time of the Unifier and many are still wary of their part-human offspring. Some notable heroes of the Cull from both races have done much to erase the fear of their kind, but at best many are still uneasy about them.


Monstrous races and others from across the sea or over the mountains can occasionally be found integrated into the society of Alathor, but such occurrences are extremely rare.


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