Reratun Ironaxe

A high ranking member of the Hand.


Clad head to toe in plate armor, but eschewing a helmet, Reratun has a large mane of red hair that frames his head. Although he has a traditionally braided dwarven beard, it is interrupted by a jagged scar that runs from his temple to his jaw.

In one hand Reratun holds a battered iron battleaxe, etched with a series of dwarven runes and in the other he holds a large steel shield emblazoned with his sigil: a lion leaping at a dragon.


Nicknamed “The Lion of Eriad” as much for his hair as for the exceptional bravery he showed at the siege of Eriad, sneaking out of the city under cover of night and killing the necromancer whose undead minions were menacing the land.

A well known captain of the Hand of Alathor, famous throughout the land.

Reratun Ironaxe

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