There are many competing but not quite conflicting theologies that have taken hold in the land of Alathor. The ancient Old Gods, the historic Risen, and the ever present God of Gods are the most widely followed among the people of the kingdom. Other gods are worshipped in Alathor, but it is rare that they will known outside of their adherents.

The Old Gods

Primal forces in the lore of Alathor, the siblings Wodan and Rutan are credited with the creation of the world and its shaping, setting in motion everything that would come after.

It is generally accepted that there were more siblings among the Old Gods, but only the names of Wodan and Rutan are remembered in the modern age.

Despite the loss its name to the ravages of time, one final Old God is still spoken of in modern Alathor: The Whisper in the Darkness. Worship of The Whisper is unheard of, but it is often invoked as a curse or exclamation.

The Old Gods have, it is believed, departed this world entirely and, while some still pray to them for power, direct intervention is never expected.

The Risen

While the Old Gods were never mortal, the Risen were, according to myth, exactly that, becoming gods through their power, achievement, or some other divine force. While the Risen are from all eras of time, some even contemporaries of the Old Gods, the majority of them arose at the dawn of Alathor.

The Risen are as varied as their followers, but there are a select few who are both the most widely worshipped and considered to be the most powerful.

Some of the Risen are said to still walk the land, but others, like the Old Gods, have not been seen in centuries and are believed to have departed this plane.

The God of Gods

Unlike the rest of the deities worshipped in Alathor, the God of Gods is an abstraction. Worshippers of the God of Gods, including notable number of members of House Sodor, believe that all power comes from a single omnipotent source, the God of Gods.

In this system of belief, all of the Old Gods and Risen are simply manifestations of the power of the God of Gods. Even modern magic users, it is believed, are tapping into the power of the God of Gods each time they cast a spell.

As worship of the Old Gods has faded and more and more of the Risen are thought to have left the world, worship of the God of Gods has increased.

The Planes

Little is understood of the planes by the people of Alathor. Beyond the mortal realm, it is accepted that there are other realms of the gods, but what those contain — and what happens to mortals who might attempt to travel there — is hotly debated by scholars, wizards, and clerics across the land.


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